The following ministry teams serve in AACF at UCLA: Bodylife, Careteam, Discipleship, Evangelism, Men’s Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Musical Worship, Prayer, and Salt ‘N Light.


As an in-reach ministry, Bodylife serves to encourage intentional fellowship and love within the body through events that deepen personal relationships rooted in the gospel.


The vision of Careteam is to build love within AACF through personal, purposeful relationships and prayer that spur one another on in faith so as to build unity within the body of Christ and create a welcoming environment in which newcomers are greeted with love and hospitality. Careteam also functions as a small group for keeping each other accountable, sharing, and learning how to develop a heart for others, while equipping us to better minister to and love those who are in need of care in light of Christ’s love for us.


The goal of discipleship is to glorify God by cultivating disciples of Christ who are rooted in the Bible and are committed to pursuing Christ-likeness through personal relationships with God and fellowship with one another. The focus is to help establish relationships that encourage spiritual growth, biblical change in lifestyle, and the advancement of the Gospel.


Evangelism Ministry aims to promote the furthering of God’s Kingdom by training and exhorting believers to make disciples, in addition to providing opportunities and resources for evangelism on campus, in the community, and through local and global missions.

Men’s Ministry

The vision of men’s ministry is to assist the men of the fellowship in their pursuit of Christ-likeness and encourage gospel-centered living through fellowship, accountability, service, and evangelism.

Women’s Ministry

The vision of women’s ministry is to equip and encourage women to pursue a deeper understanding of the Gospel to become true disciples of Christ who obey our calling to make disciples.

Musical Worship

The vision of Musical Worship is to serve the Body of Christ by uniting believers in mutual awe of God’s character and His Word—to proclaim the saving gospel of Jesus Christ, savor His presence, and glorify Him through both Biblical song and example.


The vision of prayer ministry is to cultivate a culture of prayer and intercession by trusting in God and leading to praise.

Salt ‘N Light

The vision of Salt ‘N Light (SNL) is to advance the Gospel by building up faithful and humble servants who strive to understand the Word deeply in order to produce joy in their salvation, ultimately developing boldness to evangelize through the creation and presentation of Gospel-centered skits.